Are you Fear Walking?

This course is about teaching women how to stop fear walking and to love themselves enough so they can have a life full of mental freedom. You are the Prize Girlfriend!

This Is Why Inside Hustle Course Is Created:

  • You Learn About

    • Understanding your trauma • Your worth • Values and requirements • What fear walking means

  • You'll Learn About Culture Behaviour

    • Why The strong black woman title is harmful • Single motherhood and what it does you • The Miss independent mindset • Girl friends and why having girlfriends are necessary

  • You'll Realize That

    • Forgiveness creates space • Your boundaries saying no is ok. • What true self love looks like • Mental freedom

Inside Hustle Course

I was once in your shoes, trust me. I kept finding the same type of man. I kept masking all my pain, I struggled with how I felt about myself. Yeah, I looked good on the outside, but internally I was hurting. I realized that before I could hustle anywhere, I had to Hustle inside first!

This course is packed with >Learn culture behaviors us black women are systemically taught... And why it holds us back >Learn how to recognize fear walking while dating... and what fear walking means… >Learn the concepts of your values, your worth, & requirements, and standards from Men... > Learn what true self love is... > Learn how to achieve mental freedom... and why mental freedom is so necessary.

About The Coach

There once was a time...

Have you ever felt like you weren't good enough? Hi I'm Gante, Here’s my story… I come from a background of a crack addicted mother. Growing up, I experienced abandonment, rejection, and sexual abuse. I was a teenage mom, having two kids by the age 17, and homeless, I placed myself in foster care so my children and I can have a place to live. I had to grow up fast, on top of having faulty thinking of negative self worth. I struggled with thoughts of not being good enough. I battled with being accepted and wanted. I walked around thinking that no one would want me. I had no clue as to who I was , and what I stood for. I was so misunderstood; especially at the workplace, so I had to pretend by lowering who I was in order to fit in. My turning point came when I made a resolution that I will no longer shrink myself to make others comfortable but instead I’ll channel my pain and discomfort into becoming my strength. With all the bags I carried, I had to learn how to create my mental freedom. I had to undo everything that I thought I was and build myself to who God said I should be. Now, I am leading from where I stand. Now my life is full of abundance! I have healthy boundaries, I have healthy self love, I know who I am and what I stand for: I go after the desires of my heart, and I’m unapologetically me! The man of my dreams found me and I’m living my life with full mental freedom.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Let's Get Clarity

    • ~Understand your Trauma!

    • ~Understanding Your worth

    • ~Your worth is like your Personal Resume!

    • ~Your Values & Requirements

    • ~Understanding your Core.

    • Requirments

    • ~When stand for nothing... you fall for anything..

    • ~The danger of Settling....

    • The danger of settling ~Your Fear Walking...

    • Still, I raise! By Dr. Mya Angelou Poem

  • 3

    Influenced Culture Behaviors

    • The Strong Black Woman.pdf

    • The Stong Black Woman, they say...

    • The Single mother

    • Single motherhood lesson

    • The Independent Mindset.pdf

    • The Independent Mindset- Lesson

    • Sisterhood

    • Sisterhood- No Female Friends mindset lesson

    • ~Bag lady

  • 4

    My Journey to Freedom

    • Forgiveness

    • Forgiveness!

    • Boundaries

    • ~Healthy Boundaries text

    • ~Self-Love

    • ~I am -Self-love text

    • Mental Freedom

    • Mental freedom text

  • 5

    Words from your instructure

    • Inside Hustle Course (4).pdf